Warm Home Designs Standard Window Scarf. Great As Wedding Arch Draping Fabric, Bed Canopy Or for Decorative Project

  • QUALITY DESIGN AT AFFORDABLE PRICE - Sheer Baby Blue Window Scarves are Made from Durable, Long-Lasting Polyester. Sheers were Designed to Let Most of the Sun Light Through but Still Offer Some Privacy at Night Time.
  • 1 SCARF, HUNDREDS OF USES - Our Customers Have Used Our Fully Stitched and Hemmed Scarfs as a Wedding Decoration, Birthday Party, Bed Canopy, Room Ornament, Party Adornment, See-Through Outdoor Patio Covers, Improvised Transparent Mosquito Nets, Designer Event Swags, Homemade Cosplay or Halloween Costumes and for Hundreds of Fun Do It Yourself Projects. The Only Limit is Your Imagination.
  • FIND YOUR COLOR - Mix and Match Different Color Organza Fabric Window Drapes or Scarves to Create Stylish and Unique Designs No One Else Has. We Offer Scarfs in Aqua Blue, Beige, Charcoal Grey, Light Orange, Peach Cream, Gold, Off White Ivory, Lilac Purple, Royal Blue, Christmas Red, Rose Pink, Olive Green, Silver Gray, Brown Taupe, Green Teal, Turquoise, White and Yellow Colors. Pick from Variety of Light, Dark, Bright and Vivid Cortinas Shades and Colors to Make Your Home Standout.
  • CREATE A CLASSIC LOOK SHOWN ON THE PHOTO - Add 40", 63", 72", 84", 96" or 108" Inch Long Window Panels to Your Purchase to Re-Create the Look Shown on the Photo. This Look Will Look Great in Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom Kids Room or Even Home Office.

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