Warm Home Designs Embossed Textured Blackout Energy Efficient Curtains in 5 Colors & 9 Sizes

Get a good night rest, unbeatable privacy, and save on energy bills with Warm Home Designs Embossed Textured Room Darkening Curtains with Grommet Top. Available in stylish 5 colors - CharcoalSilver Grey, White Ivory, Taupe (Dark Beige) and Teal Blue, these insulated curtains have been designed to block 97% of all sun rays.


These blackout drapes are great for anyone who needs full rest, or just a small nap at odd hours, such as late-shift workers, seniors, infants and toddlers (or their exhausted parents), college students pulling all-nighters, as well as countless others. Unlike sheers, Warm Home Designs Thermal Window Treatments are not see-through so your can enjoy total privacy from your neighbors. Blackouts’ thermal material will also help with heating and electricity bills, as it will keep the heat out during hot summer and prevent it from escaping through the windows during cold winter months.