Warm Home Designs 1 Panel of 102" Extra Wide Linen Textured Sheer White Patio Door Curtains

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Why Warm Home Designs' Sheer Patio Door Curtains?
  • Good for Variety of Purposes - Our sheer white patio door curtains come in extra-wide 102 x 84 or 102 x 95 inches size (102" width; 84" or 95" length"). These linen textured panels can be used as patio door curtains, sliding door drapes, or to cover extra large oversize windows. Our sheers can also be used as room dividers for shared bedrooms, or other spaces such as dorm rooms, dining room, closets and home offices.
  • Premium Quality, Yet Affordably Priced Patio Curtains - Our premium sheer extra-wide white curtains are made from linen-textured polyester and are designed to last multiple years of washes and use. By sourcing directly from manufacturer and selling online only, our sliding door drapes are affordably priced, starting at just $18.95 a patio door panel. Comparable patio door or room dividing curtains at large department store would cost 2 to 3 times as much. 
  • Let the Sun Through While Enjoying Some Privacy - Large windows or doors are great at letting in a lot of sunlight but allow others to see what's going on inside your house. With our colorful sheer extra-wide patio door curtains you will still have that natural sunlight everyone craves for, while receiving some privacy from the outside world.
  • We Offer 2 Sizes and Variety of Colors - Our premium line of room dividing curtains is sold in 84" and 95" lengths as well as Beige, Charcoal, Coral Pink, Dusty Blue, Lime Yellow, Navy Blue, Rose PinkSilver and White colors so you can find the color that fits your home interior.
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning - Our sheer curtains can be hanged right out of the box, are machine washable on cold cycle and can be ironed with cool iron for easy maintenance.

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