Warm Home Designs 12, 18 or 24 Foot Long, 55 Inch Wide Sheer Fabric Window Scarves, Bed Canopy Scarf, Wedding Arch Drapery

WARM HOME DESIGNS Voile Fabric Comes in 3 Sizes - 144 Inch (12 Feet or 4 Yards), 216 Inch (18 Feet or 6 Yards) and Extra Long 288 Inch (24 Feet or 8 Yards). We Offer 5 Colors: White, Caramel Gold, Navy Blue, Silver Grey and Green Teal. Use Our Premium Polyester Fabric as a Window Scarf, Bed Canopy Scarf, Wedding Arch Drapery, Wedding Decoration, Birthday Party Decor, Bed Canopy, Marriage Table Runner, Room Ornament, Party Adornment, See-Through Outdoor Patio Covers, Improvised Transparent Mosquito Net, Designer Event Swag, Homemade Cosplay or Halloween Costumes, Dress Sewing and for Hundreds of Other Fun Do It Yourself Projects.

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