Top 6 Most Popular Curtain Colors

April 17, 2016

Top 6 Most Popular Curtain Colors

Here's something that might surprise you - the #1 way that shoppers pick the curtains is by color. The quality, type, size and price are very important factors, but it's the curtains' color that makes all the difference. Colors create a desired atmosphere in the room. Pick a right color and the room will look homey and inviting. Wrong color can make the room look depressing and outdated. Here's top 6 most popular curtain colors from our best-selling curtains and scarf line based on what you (our customers) have been buying from us:

Plum Purple Curtains#6. Plum Purple. People might not think of purple as a popular color but it most certainly is. True, it doesn't go with everything. Purples dark, rich tones can only work in specific homes, but when it does work, plum purple curtains make for visually stunning window treatments.

Orange Rust Sheer Curtains#5. Orange Rust. Another darker color that's a surprising hot seller. In many ways it's very similar to our #6 color, plum purple. It's not a color that looks good in every room (most darker colors don't) but with the right wall colors, lighting and furniture, colors like orange rust or plum purple will make your room really unforgettable.

Caramel Gold#4. Caramel Gold. Yellow is fairly popular color so it shouldn't be a big surprise that our caramel gold curtains rank highly on this list. For this line of curtains we sell deeper, darker color of yellow, thus it's called "yellow gold' and not just "yellow". We also sell regular bright yellow color curtains with grommet tops. Bright yellow is also popular, but definitely not as popular as this color, even though bright yellow is what most people associate with the color "yellow". We attribute the popularity of our yellow gold color to its rarity, as not many stores carry this shade of yellow.

Taupe Sheer Curtains#3. Dark Taupe. Taupe color can have variety of shades, as well as varies greatly by brightness. Ours is on the more rare, darker side but people still buy a lot of those curtains and scarfs. We do get some returns with this color as this type of taupe shade might not be for everyone. That's where our 60 day no hassle return policy comes in handy. If you don't like the color just send it back to us within 60 days and you will receive back your full purchase price.

Light Beige Sheer Curtains#2. Beige. Our 2 most popular color, of which beige is #2, sell more than the rest of the list combined. Why is beige so popular? Because it goes well with everything. It almost doesn't matter what color is your wall and furniture is. Just hang some light beige curtains and your window treatments will match pretty much any background color.

White Sheer Curtains

#1. White. Yes. White is the most popular curtain color. Shocker!!! Just kidding. Obviously, it's not a huge surprise. People like white curtains. Just like they like white table cloths, white bedding sets and white clothes. White is elegant, classy and timeless. If in doubt, just go with white and you can't go wrong.




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